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The Linguistic of Restaurant

My Life with a King
  • Malaysia | 2017 | Drama | Color | 7min
  • Life is a process. In a restaurant, two friends are engrossing themselves in a discussion about art and film; a mute couple is looking for a meaning in their inter-religious relationship
Bebbra MAILIN Director
Carlo Enciso CATU
Ahmad Muzzammil BIN ABDUL RAHMAN
(Muzzamer RAHMAN)
Producer, Writer, Editor | FLY2012
Ahmad Muzzammil BIN ABDUL RAHMAN

The Story of Us

My Life with a King
  • Vietnam | 2014 |Comedy , Drama | Color | 10min
  • A film tells a story of filmmaking. It is a film where the writer is also an actor playing a director. In an interesting semi-documentary, we can hardly distinguish between reality and fiction.
NGUYEN Luong Dieu Hang
(Hang Luong)
Director, Writer | FLY2015
NGUYEN Luong Dieu Hang (Hang Luong)

On Friday Noon

  • Indonesia | 2016 | Drama | Color | 14min
  • Wina, a transgender sexual worker, is caught by police officers. She decides to run away to find a mosque to perform Friday prayer. But she gets lost and gets into trouble with the people she meets.
Luhki HERWANAYOGI Director, Writer | FLY2014


HONG Cho Ann Martin
  • Singapore | 2013 | Drama | Color | 7min
  • An extremely introverted taxi-driver on his way off to work witnesses a broken-hearted girl crying her eyes out in the carpark.
HONG Cho Ann Martin
(Martin HONG)
Director, Writer | FLY2013
HONG Cho Ann Martin (Martin HONG)

Dahee Dies

KIM Youngduck
  • Korea | 2017 | Comedy, Drama | Color | 18min
  • One day in the “World Beyond” death, Dahee, an intern at the Sorting Department of Noryangjin district, discovers a surprising fact in the newspaper delivered from the living world.
KIM Youngduck Director, Writer, Editor | FLY2016
KIM Youngduck

The Robe

Zay Yar AUNG (We Ra)
  • Myanmar | 2016 | Drama | Color | 19min
  • In Myanmar where the Saffron Revolution rages on, a novice Buddhist monk escapes from soldiers who brutally dispersed their protest against the oppressive regime and finds himself at the mercy of a Muslim woman.
Zay Yar AUNG
(We Ra)
Director, Producer, Writer | FLY2012
Zay Yar AUNG

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