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Muhamad Rusyaidi Bin RAMLI


Muhamad Rusyaidi, a freelance filmmaker, videographer, and editor from Brunei Darussalam, discovered his passion for making films at the age of 16. While studying Information Technology in college, he pursued photography and filmmaking during his free time. Through self-teaching, Rusyaidi mastered cinematography, editing, sound design, lighting, and color manipulation. Notably, he contributed as a camera operator for the short film Tabooka in 2022, which earned nominations for Best Lighting and a jury award for cinematography at the Brunei Content Film Festival. Currently, Rusyaidi is working as a camera operator and cinematographer on the upcoming short film The Loop. Open to learning from new opportunities and challenges, Muhamad Rusyaidi aspires to keep growing in the world of filmmaking.


HANG Sokharo


Puthea is a graduate of the Liger Leadership Academy and current project coordinator, producer, and line producer at KUDU Studios. Prior to working at KUDU, he worked with both international and local crews, completing many projects aimed for impact the Cambodian community. Since 2020, Puthea has conducted various projects such as commercials, short films, short series, animation, NGO work, and international film fixing, with varying budgets, on behalf of KUDU: he was a line producer and camera operator for Along the Mekong with Sai, line producer, and production manager for TV commercial Borey Nadi, Fitne and producer for multiple recap videos for the UN. He has also shot and edited his own short film for the US Embassy called Hidden Killer, a story about cyberbullying.


Muhammad Bihar Jafarian


Kaizerin sympathizes with the fleeting nature of modern life and how often it has made us forget the things that truly matter. With her interest in the arts, she seeks to remind audiences of their humanity and reignite their love for life. Her thesis film, Alighting for Lola, received Honorable Mention in the Tokyo Short Film Festival and was screened at Taoba International Youth Film Festival as well as Serbia International Youth Film Festival. Her dance film, Transferred Impressions, was screened at Brussels International Dance Film Festival, Rollout Film Festival Macau, and Cinedans Amsterdam. Her short fiction film, Where We Sleep at Night, was screened at Poetry Festival Singapore. Kaizerin is passionate about bringing people together and believes that this is a vital aspect of film as well as filmmaking. She wishes to share compelling experiences and stories with her audience and is grateful for every opportunity to share her vision.

KIM Gujung (KOREA)

KIM Suro


KIM Gujung was born in Pohang, Korea but just when he turned six, his family decided to move to the Philippines. He has this personal and vivid recollection of himself and his friends making videos with a humble JVC camcorder. It may not sound like much, but it is a memory that keeps him attached to filmmaking. His goal is to archive such memories and the relevant emotions that follow in the form of cinema. Although he is currently active as a cinematographer, he tries not to limit his perspective by confining his expression to a single genre or medium. He has worked on several short films as a cinematographer and gaffer and has directed multiple fashion and films.




Dolar MONGKHOUNKHAM studied at the National University of Laos, Faculty of Letters, Mass Communication Department. His passion started when he was a child, as he only watched foreign films. This made him wonder why there weren’t many Lao films, sparking his interest in filmmaking. He began learning about making movies during high school. Dolar tried and failed many times, yet he continues to learn persistently. His goal is to create Lao movies produced by Lao people, of which the Lao people can be proud, and to showcase them internationally.


Izaq Yuzaini Bin Ismail


Rou Ann WOO, was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in December 1999. In 2022, she received a degree in Film and Television Screenwriting from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. Rou Ann embarked on her creative industry career in 2018 as a fashion model and portrait photographer. While studying full-time, she also served as a creative director for fashion campaigns for two years. Driven by her passion for the arts, Rou Ann studied acting at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles for five months at the end of 2022. In 2022, Rou Ann made her debut as a short film director, and her work Sayang was nominated as a Top 10 finalist in the BMW Shorties Malaysia competition. Rou Ann’s first film won the award for Best Production Design, while her editing work received a nomination in the Best Sound Design category.


Nay Chi Myat Noe Wint


Nyan Phyo AUNG has been studying at the National University of Arts and Culture (Yangon) since 2019. After successfully passing his matriculation exam, he developed an interest in photography and a curiosity about the process of filmmaking. Upon successfully completing his university interview, he embarked on his journey of learning about filmmaking. As he delved into this field, he realized that his life’s path was destined to be intertwined with it. Nyan is determined to elevate the standards of cinema within his country. He also aspires to share his acquired knowledge with the next generation of individuals who are interested in the art of filmmaking.


Maria Estela Luz Reyes PAISO


EJ GAGUI is an independent Filipino-Kapampangan filmmaker based in the province of Pampanga, Philippines. He studied filmmaking at the De La SalleCollege of Saint Benilde, specializing in documentary production. His visual practice combines fiction and documentary in narrating the everyday miracles, revelations, history, and crises within his hometown. His first short film Ing Tianak was selected as a finalist of Film Development Council of the Philippines’ Mit Out Sound 2021, a government initiative to revive silent cinema in contemporary times. His second short film Rock in a Windless Wadi premiered at the Opening Scenes competition at Visions du Réel 2022, won Special Mentions in Gawad Alternatibo and SeaShorts Film Festival, and got nominated in the documentary short category at Pinoy Rebyu Awards by Society of Filipino Film Reviewers.


Wan Murni Binte Wan Iskandar


Maximilian started editing videos in primary school on a flip phone, and realised early the power of visual expressions through the contexts. Believing in the emotional quality in the mundane, he seeks to tell stories about identities and grief, presenting changes and inciting feelings from the ordinary. Beyond films, Maximilian designs multimedia content for theatre productions. He hopes to improve his visual craft through emerging technologies and the reflections of the everyday.




Apinya JANTANGSEE is looking for an opportunity to learn more about film and television production. She came back from the UK in 2022 and studied business foundation program at the University of Southampton. Apinya made the decision to come back to Thailand, pursue her ambition, and learn everything from scratch as much as she could. At the moment she is studying film and television production at Bangkok University and doing Greenlight films production workshop series every week. She is eager to seize every opportunity and prepared to take on any challenges in order to improve my abilities and understanding in the area of film and television production.


NGUYEN Tram The Bao


TRAN Hoang Ha was born in 1998 in Hanoi, Vietnam. She graduated from Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema in Cinema Directing in 2022. Ha believes that big stories come from the smallest ideas within, when you tell the most personal, intimate story, the more universally it will speak. Ha shows great interest in telling family stories, as her family has always been a source of inspiration for her to wonder the bigger questions in life, no matter how sad or happy. Ha is lucky to have assisted Vietnamese director Bui Kim Quy since her second feature film Memoryland which premiered at the 26th Busan International Film Festival. In 2022, Ha co-founded Akupara Collective with 8 fellow young directors. They co-directed a feature film called 9, currently in Post-Production.

Mohamad Aaqilull Qhaeer Bin MD SYAMSOL (BRUNEI DARUSSALAM)

YIT Chuan Lee


Eager media enthusiast developing effective communication and teamwork skills. Passion for growth and making a positive impact through media engagements in Brunei.


MECH Sereyrath


Seakleng SONG was born in 1997. He made an experimental short film, Psycho selected in Chaktomuk Short Film Festival—Cambodian Highlight while working as a production intern at Anti-Archive in 2019. He directed Blossom In The Summer for his graduation thesis and graduated in Media Management from the Royal University of Phnom Penh in 2020. He studied directing at Cambodian Cinema Department and scriptwriting at Write&Eat. In 2022, he developed his new film script in the film lab run by 3rd Cambodia National Short Film Festival.


Gisela Levy Febriane


Daphne identifies herself as a person who is constantly curious about humans and learns them through a phenomenon called loss. For the last 5 years she has made several short films as well as involved in wellknown feature film productions. Now she’s working as a freelance director and assistant director. Her short film titled Happy New Year(2022) was screened last year at JAFF and other films And Returning(2019), 母親 (mǔqīn)(2018) are well-distributed, won international film festivals, and official selection at more than 10 other international festivals or alternate cinemas.

SEO Pyoungwon (KOREA)

CHO Kyusang


SEO Pyoungwon is studying in Korea National University of Arts as a junior in filmmaking. He is also working as an animation director, doing commissions and short animation films. Pyoungwon started off with animation, and soon got attracted to live action movies. After his high school graduation film Roadkill(2017), he directed his first live action film Return(2020) right after he got discharged from the army. As a passion for animation, he finished his last work Getting Used to Loneliness(2023) which screened through LA shortfest.




Xaypaseuth XAYYALATH is pursuing his dream to be a film director and editor at National Institute of Fine Arts (Laos) in the major of Film and Animation and he is doing fourth-year in this school. Xaypaseuth have been working as an assistant director for several months at a small production studio named “Light Flare Team” in addition to my studies. His first official short film that he have directed is called Nowhere(2021). Since then, Xaypaseuth have participated to assist his friends making their shorts such as Us(2022) as an editor and colorist, Cycle(2022) as an editor, My last Goodbye(2022) as a Cinematographer and some more short films.


Tengku Intan Maimunah


Umar Akmal is a passionate storyteller who believes that his strength lies in storytelling and content development. HEMBUS(2020) as co-scriptwriter and assistant director, where his team won 4 out of 6 awards for Pesta Filem Kita, a grant initiative festival by Projek Dialog. Other than that, his final year project short film that he wrote and direct called By Nadhir Johari(2021), which was shot in a total lockdown period has made him got selected for the official selection under Cinebalu Screening of Kota Kinabalu International Film Festival (KKIFF). Umar thinks that art is the most genuine way of preserving memories and embracing emotions. Whether through film or music, he will keep on exploring the endless possibilities to tell his stories in the most genuine way possible.


Sai Nyan Lin Set


Sein Lei NANDAR was graduated with 2017 - Cinematography and Drama (Editing) major at National University of Arts and Culture (Yangon) and 2015-Diploma in Computer Arts. She loves creating short film and documentry based on true story. Now she is Producer and Presenter in charge of producing Reality Show Program at Skynet Media Channel-9 and Food Vlogger at Eat Sleep Yangon You Tube Channel. Since then she has worked for many collaboration with productions as a host, script writer, assistant director and movie actress. She learned many things from ASEAN-ROK Community Programme to moving forward and preparing to make more film.


Josef Dielle Perez GACUTAN


Nena Jane, a filmmaker from Bohol, Philippines, debuted Duwa-Duwa at Cinemalaya 2022. The film gained acclaim and screened at various esteemed Philippine film festivals. She collaborated with Cebu’s Binisaya Film Festival on works like Huwebes Huwebes(2019) and Martes Martes(2017). While working on her next film, she hopes to learn and refine her craft, while connecting with passionate filmmakers in order to develop and grow as a storyteller.




Seth is a writer-director who graduated from the National University of Singapore studying Communications and New Media. Not trained in filmmaking, he made his first short film, Is it Cold in Winter?, during his final semester of university in 2021. It was nominated at the National Youth Film Awards for best student film. More recently, his second short film, Lay Over, premiered at the Singapore International Film Festival in 2022.




Ratana PUTTARATTANAMANE is a music video director, editor, and cinematographer on the side. Since he was young, he always have the interest in film production because his father was a director, and acquired a wonderful filming vision from him. When Ratana was 13, he started to try Premier Pro and teaching himself how to edit. He has done a lot of music video directing and editing up to this point. It is well worth it because the skills he gained on his own when he was 13 allowed him to improve himself so much. From the beginning to the present, Ratana has never stopped developing and improving himself because he is willing to learn more about filmmaking arts and develop additional experience.


PHAM Quoc Dung


NGUYEN Duy Anh, born in 1997, is a moving-image artist based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Graduating from a four-year exchange course in film between Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema and INSAS, Belgium, since 2018, he has been constantly engaged in varieties of moving-image practices as a director, screenwriter, producer, and curator. Through his works, Duy Anh showed a special interest in stories about humans, the connections, and changing paces in daily private relationships in modern society. In 2022, Duy Anh became a member of “Babau Air”, a collective of local artists, where he founded “Hoa Quynh Cinema”, focusing on organizing community cinema activities as well as producing moving-image works.

ASEAN-ROK Film Community Programme

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