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Mohd Al-Amin Afiq Safwat Bin ABARAHAN (Brunei)

Mohd Al-Amin Afiq Safwat Bin ABARAHAN


Amin ABARAHAN currently works as a freelance art director or production designer in Brunei. He feels his background in Product Design & Manufacturing Engineering in university has given him a creative edge in bringing elements of a film to life. His practical skills such as woodworking come in handy especially when it comes to building sets. Being an avid fashion enthusiast himself, his good eye on wardrobe styling has helped him build the characters' personalities or the moods on set. His biggest achievement as a production designer was when he collaborated with Filterworks Productions for the first episode of The Bungsu Story (2018) and a finalist in the Brunei December Film Festival with Visionary Project for the short film Sabine last year. Since then, he has worked with various production companies on local commercials or cooperate films for major clients. He plans to open up a welcoming production house as a creative platform for aspiring artists besides filmmakers to learn, share experiences and collaborate with each other one day.

SOK Chanrado (Cambodia)

SOK Chanrado


Sok Chanrado was born in 1994, Phnom Penh. After high school graduation, he got fascinated by the role of media and its influences on public opinion in relation to concepts of freedom and transparency. After studying and working in the Bophana center, he currently studies at Sa Sa Art Projects in Phnom Penh. He produced 4 short documentaries films, I have fighting for life (2016), 4 days more (2016), Dohka (2016), Don't know about A-B-C (2017), while studying at Bophana. His works portrait social, political, economic and cultural of Cambodia. Inspired by people he has worked with and obstacles he encountered along the way, made him continue to work in this industry, breed new ideas and feeling into him which develope his craft. For him, documentary film is a good way of showing the reality of the people who are living in one society or country. It is not the only way to engage with social. For all of the documentary film that he had worked on, require staying close to the character (real actor) of the documentary. One of the principal motivation of Sok Chanrado is to capture some moment that you cannot script or plan because of the real life cannot be controlled any time. That’s why Rado tries his best to deliver a story he believe it's important to be heard.

Novia Puspa Sari LO (Indonesia)

Novia Puspa Sari LO


Novia Puspa Sari is a passionate filmmaker from Jakarta, Indonesia. She graduated from Multimedia Nusantara University, Indonesia in 2018, majoring Film and Television. She has involved in several short films as producer or director. Her short film as a writer/director, Rumah (2017), has been screened in several film festivals in Indonesia. She also actively involved in film community in Jakarta. She contributed as Head Office in UMN Gate, a student short film distribution organization for two years. In September 2017, she joined Boemboe organization (focus on Indonesian short film promotion/distribution) as Community Relations Officer and Short Film Programmer. She has a big dream to be a young filmmaker who can be well-known in international film industry and travel around the world.

LEE Soeun (Korea)

LEE Soeun


LEE Soeun is a student in Korea University majoring in Media and Communication. She joined a school film club on her first semester by accident and fell deeply in love with making films. She loved pouring many days and times on one certain film project with people. In sophomore year, she directed her first short film Doppelganger (2016). To overcome her weakness in directing, she started to direct and produce more than two short films in every year. In march 2017, she made a web-drama company Yuyamuya Pictures and directed korean web-drama Detective Gonwhan. It marked more than a hundred thousand views in Korea and was distributed in Amazon video. To expand the business, her team made a vietnam web-drama company Studio LinK in 2018 and made web series named Shall we link season 1 & 2 which marked 1 million and 2 million views respectively in Vietnam.




Kongchan PHIENNACHIT (Dawn) graduated as Bachelor in Mass communication at National University of Laos in October 2016. He is a Volunteer teacher at The National University of Laos, Faculty of Letters, Mass Communication Department and working as filmmaker freelance. He has been starting for short films making since 2013 during his University life. He got training to be filmmaker, principle, ability and others by filmmaker, professor of Korea(Yong In University). Furthermore, he had helped him to teach film production when he was 4th grade in university. After graduation he continued to work as assistant for korean professor. Now He's a teacher on film.

Muhammad Yazeid BIN AHMAD SUHAIMI (Malaysia)



Muhammad Yazeid is born in Penang, Malaysia and raised in Kuala Lumpur. He studied at the MARA University of Technology majoring in film study. Experienced in short film since 2012, he produced several short films which eventually led him to become one of the winner of Berjaya Youth Short Film Competition 2015. Through extensive freelance work and student projects, he proved capable of directing many types of genre and his work received good reviews from prolific film critics. In addition to the film field, he was also involved in several fashion and music video productions as videographer and director as well. Inspired by the film Inception (2010) directed by Christopher Nolan, his other favourite filmmakers are Denis Villeneuve, Alfred Hitchcock, Spike Jonze, Andrei Tarkovsky, and Martin Scorsese.

Yin Yin Min KHIN (Myanmar)

Yin Yin Min KHIN


Yin Yin Min Khin chose Filmmaker as her career because of her strong passion for films. Without any background, she always wonders if she could stand as a Filmmaker. After getting B.A.(Hons) Cinema, she started working as a casting director and co-ordinator at Pin Lel production and she eventually gained confidence. Although working as a tutor now, she also creates short films and music videos with her friends. And she is giving lectures in university, she is playing a role as advisor and directing mentor for her students' graduation films. Moreover, she worked as a costume co-ordinator for upcoming November feature film Mi (2018). Her ultimate goal is to grow herself with filmmaking so she is preparing for that and building herself to gain more confidence. Her family worried that being a filmmaker might be not the best choice for her future but she never regret her choice. She wants to share her emotions and perspective on society through films. She is now on the track from a film-lover to someone who can actually creates her own film so she won't never give up and always tries her best to achieve her goal.

Terence Giourdan GONZALVES (Philippines)

Terence Giourdan GONZALVES


Gio Gonzalves is the co-owner and Director of Lakan Media Creatives, a small production group that produces films, documentaries, and corporate videos. But, as a child, he never dreamt of doing any of that. But when Gio tried his hand in directing and editing a short documentary as a student in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, he found epiphany. He discarded his dreams of limelight and politics and prepared himself for a life behind the camera. Years after graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Broadcast Communication, he shot and edited TV & Film Documentaries, Corporate & Fashion Videos, and Films. He wrote & directed One Night (2017) and Black Market (2017), both of which entered the 2017 Metro Manila Film Festival and several other film festivals abroad. Currently, he is directing different corporate videos while writing his third short film and researching for a full length documentary.

Tanathorn TANALEKHAPHAT (Thailand)



Tanathorn Tanalekhaphat was born in 3 October,1995 living in Bangkok, Thailand whole life. Tanathorn’s life time hobbies are watching movies and working on movie set. As a child he spent time watching many good movies and always has dreamt someday becoming a great filmmaker. He graduated from faculty of digital medias and cinematic arts, Bangkok University. Now he is working with his team as scriptwriter and director sometimes actor also. He always worked hard for the best work to get scholarship at Bangkok University and first-class honors bachelor of cinematic arts is one of his proud. At the beginning of 2018, he had an opportunity to be main casts in Thailand commercial short film. He thanks to FLY2018 for giving him an opportunity to be a part of this kind of ASEAN global project and promised to do his best with all intention for FLY2018.

TONG Shi Ya Judith (Singapore)

TONG Shi Ya Judith


TONG Shi Ya Judith is a recent graduate from Nanyang Technological University School of Art Design Media. Since graduating, she worked on narrative projects like co-producing Send Off (20111) a short film by Han Fengyu. Her most recent project was producing a music video Welcome Home for local singer-songwriter, Charlie Lim, under the Universal Music label. Her roots in filmmaking lies in photography, where she has been mentored under programmes like Invisible Photographers Asia (IPA) and the Noise Singapore Mentorship. She dabbled with directing and her films, Matilda (2016) and Paper Roof (2017) have been nominated at the National Youth Film Awards 2017 for Best Editing, Best Picture, Best Screenplay, and Best Directing respectively. Paper Roof screened at festivals like Tribeca Film Festival, Busan International Short Film Festival, and Rhode Island International Film Festival. She is currently developing a short-turned-feature film, Here is Not There by Nelson Yeo (SGIFF, Southeast Asian Film Lab 2017). As a creative producer, she is interested in broader collaborations with diverse cinematic minds.

NGAC Lam Vu (Vietnam)



NGAC Lam Vu is an editor and a colorist at Film Ninja, a production company in Viet Nam. He found his passion when he was still in highschool. Now beside editing and color grading, he has been directing some of his own project, including music video, short film and commercial videos with his own crew "282", which focus on indie artist and their music. He started 3 years ago as a one man band crew, working on small projects, mostly fashions. Then he got into Film Ninja (a production company in Hanoi) where he has learnt more about films in general. As working as a colorist on various projects, side by side with many directors, he heard their stories which they wanted to say through motion pictures. That’s when he realized that he wants his stories to be heard too. His goal right now is to learn as much as he can about directing and screen-writing so he can write, direct his own feature film someday. He is looking forward to meet all of FLY’s trainee from other countries to hear more about the industry from outside of Vietnam and also to see their thought on film making.

Ak Azeez Danial BIN PG NORASMADI (Brunei)



Ak Azeez Danial bin Pg NORASMADI spent short 3 months in Kuching working at a resort being an instructor and a chefs assistant, after realizing how depressing it was He finally wanted to pursue film.Danial took a one year course "Certificate of electronic media productions" at Kolej International Graduate Studies in Brunei.During the final year project he made a short film, it was his first time to write and direct a short film titled RUMAH (2017) , it ended up winning an award for the schools short film festival. After his internship he became an employee at Filterworksproductions where his skills and knowledge on film grew, he has written, directed and shot short skits , adverts and passion projects.His first major production involvement was The Bungsu Story(2018) a local drama series, his role was a Second Assistant director.Danial's goal is to make people cry in the cinema wether its touching or because its Hilariously touching to watch for the third time.

THEN Sidaroth (Cambodia)

THEN Sidaroth


THEN Sidaroth is a graduate from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology where he majors in Professional Design w/ Multimedia. He has been working in local film and commercial industry for 3 years already before getting to this age of 21. Despite the fact that the university were mainly focus on graphic design, he is more a self-taught filmmaker. Until now, he has been involved with loads of local projects including feature film, short films, documentaries, music videos as well as commercials. The first feature film he has ever involved was Poppy Goes To Hollywood (2016) with Director SOK Visal and his two latest short films were February Wind (2018) with Director MONY Kanndarung and Priceless Love (2018) directed by himself. In 2017, one of his short films was a semi-finalist in 25th Tropfest: Australia. Beside that, two of his shorts were also nominated two years straight in Chaktomuk Short Film Festival. Currently, he is working as a freelance Director of Photography and runs an in-house post-production company named 24brain.

Kawakibi MUTTAQIEN (Indonesia)



Kawakibi Muttaqien spent his campus life studying film in Institute of Art Indonesia, Yogyakarta. People used to call him “Awy” for short. First time he jumped into the film world was because he went to one classroom to protect his self from school brawls. Turns out inside the class gathered the school film community and the mentor thought Awy is a new member. Knowing nothing, he then joined and his first ever movie got 3rd place in a film festival. Ever since then he dedicated his life as a filmmaker. Other than filmmaking, he also used to be a program director and film curator in Sewon Screening, a short film exhibition based in campus from all over Indonesia. He loves to come to any film festival just to watch movies and meet new people to expand the network in film industry. That's also one of his way to expand his perspective about film and produce many stories based on his own experience.

KIM Hwigeun (Korea)

KIM Hwigeun


Kim Hwigeun is young korean director and has three feature films, two mid-films, and many music videos. Based in Busan, and he made movies himself without going to university.
His third feature film, The Boy who had horns, won the Grand Prize at 19th Busan Independent Film Festival in 2017. It was the youngest record ever in the 'Busan Independent Film Festival's History. Now he completed courses in 'Busan Asian Film School' and put his passion for his fourth feature, The Unexploded Bomb.



Male, GroupB

Palinya Sayamoungkhoun was born in Vientiane, Lao PDR, in 1996. Currently, He is working as freelancer and has been self-studying about filmmaking for five years. Furthermore, he has many work experience with various international brand like Heineken, Samsung, Coca-Cola and Uniliver in Lao PDR. He discovered his passion for filmmaking since 2011 and started to get on to it in 2014. He is one of trailblazers who produce films that use special effects and visual effects in Lao PDR. He is also a founder of LIGHT FLARE TEAM, a community team of people who have interests in developing Lao films and make it better. His first short film, Stop and Start (2012), won The Best Film Award in Asian International Children’s Film Festival 2012. His second short film, 300 Seconds (2014), awarded as The Best Technique in Mini Vientianale International Film Festival in 2014. Early in 2017, Luang Prabang Film Festival selected his medium film project named Beyond the Power (2018).

Nathan THARMALINGAM (Malaysia)



Nathan Tharmalingam is a law school student from Malaysia who has a huge passion for filmmaking. Inspired by creative technicians of the Indian Film Industry, he started making short films on his YouTube channel and hence became the founder of NatMar Productions. Alien to filmmaking knowledge and experiences, he learnt how to shoot and edit from Youtube. He was then selected as one of the fourteen participants all over Malaysia for the Next New Wave programme in 2016 and had gained more production experiences since then. His film Bus Stop (2017) has been his most important work till this date as it touches on issue of social ignorance using only the location of a bus stop.

Yu Ya NWAY (Myanmar)



Yu Ya Nway (Mai Mai) is a freelance filmmaker, photographer, teacher and also a co-founder of Hsen Mee Studio. She's filmed and produced many educational videos, documentaries, promo videos, two short films and one script for feature film so far. In 2018, one of her short films The Education System We Need has been granted popular award. She is so enthusiastic in making inspire films that portray or reflect livelihood, social justice, and human rights, etc. Many social issues such as armed conflicts, pervasive poverty, drugs and many more of these negative factors that are exiting in her communities invoke her innate humble artist soul to produce creative art works as films. Her intension of making such films is not only to entertain people but she also want to raise attention and awareness on those left out issues in the community. She believes that film is one of the great tools in bringing positive changes in both social and political issues. She's now working at Shan Community College, Myanmar.

Lance MARAVILLAS (Philippines)



Lance Maravillas started his passion in filmmaking back in senior high school with a short called Checkmate (2009) that won awards at the Cinemagis Digital Film Festival. In 2017, he made a short inspired by the conflict brought by the Marawi Siege & Martial Law called Pahimakas (2017) that was selected as an official entry to the first Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino's Sine Kabataan Shorts and won Jury's Choice. Months later, he made a dark comedy Lobo (2017) with human trafficking themes and was selected at the Salamindanaw Asian Film Festival which also won Jury’s Choice. Lance recently finished a degree in Filmmaking at the Film & Media Arts International Academy. He is currently working as a Creative Director of Ark Magic Productions and aims to continue telling the stories that matter in the hopes to inspire betterment in his country.

TANG Wan Xin (Singapore)

TANG Wan Xin


Tang Wan Xin, majoring in Directing and minoring in screenwriting, recently graduated from The Puttnam School of Film at LASALLE College of the Arts. Her thesis film White Carnations (2017) premiered at FilmFest Munich and is currently making its way around the international film festivals circuit. Wan Xin’s interest lies in issue-based topics and unconventional characters. Her films usually examine the female psyche who have to confront their own personal crisis within their environment. She hopes to reveal truths that reality often conceals. To her, cinema should always be about its people and for its people.

ASAWARNON Natthapol (Thailand)



Natthapol Asawarnon is the Thai film director known as surrealist and man-made fantasy film style. he was passion in making short film and painting since he was young. Currently, he has been directing short film and doing commercial advertisement for various corporations in Thailand. His film styles are the frustration and emotional aggressive express to particular situation. But at the same time, a use of visual have created a strong and beautiful sensation just like the art of expression, which he like to use dark ambiance for the tone of picture, and especially play with contrast on light and shadow. Speaking on the set of film production crews, he always gives them freedom by create relaxed working environment, and mostly use persuasive language because he wants everybody to feel motivated and comfortable working together. In his perspective, workplace is about happiness, participation and passion.

PHAM Hoang Minh Thy (Vietnam)

PHAM Hoang Minh Thy


PHAM Hoang Minh Thy, a.k.a Jun, began to self-study and make film when she turned 20. Now she works as a freelancer in film and commercial industry. Thy's childhood in Dalat, a poetic city also known as 'the land of flowers', has influenced her cinematographical style: it is fantasy and the musical essence of life that she pursues to feature in her works. She studies Journalism and Communication in University of Social Sciences and Humanities. During her tertiary education, she first started filmming several documentaries for Thanh Nien Newspaper - one of the two most prestigious journals in Vietnam. To take another the step with her camera, she boardened with experimental videos and biovideos then ended up making short films.

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