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Amali HJ ROSLIN (Brunei)

Liew Seng Tat (Brunei)


Amali is a co-founder of Beluneu Films, a film and TV producing company. His love for the arts was deepening when he discovered filmmaking in his pre-university years. With that, he designed his bachelors in University Brunei Darussalam in a way that will give him the best chance of having a career in the film industry. Graduating with a BA in professional communications and the media, he has since become more confident in making a career as a producer, even more so, after being an advisor in his friend's short film. In 2017, under The Creative Core BN in collaboration with Filerworks Productions, he took the role as one of the producers in Brunei's first pilot TV series episode to be played in the cinema. Currently, he is working together with Filterworks Productions to produce a full 13-episode season of The Bungsu Story.

CHEUN Cheu Heng (Cambodia)

Liew Seng Tat (Brunei)


Cheu Heng was born in 1992. He finished high school in 2010. He finished his bachelor degree in information technology at the University of Cambodia in 2014, but he has become a cameraman since 2009. Without any professional training about camera technique, he learned from his father who was a cameraman since 1990. His dream is to become a very excellent director of photography in Cambodia. Unfortunately, in Cambodia, training courses for general studies are not yet developed in film schools, so he tries to create many short films by himself and participate in many film projects as a camera assistant. He never let the chance go away and will keep chasing his goal to be a director of photography.

Gerry Fairus IRSAN (Indonesia)



Gerry is a filmmaker, based in Bandung, Indonesia. He graduated from Padjadjaran University, majoring broadcasting in 2015. The film became an important part of his life, not merely moving images but beyond its very complex artwork that involves the feelings of its audience. In Bandung, he actively contributes to film community under the name of Bandung Film Council. His Film got selected from different film festivals such as Jogja Netpac Asian Film Festival, XXI Short Film Festival, Chennai International Short Film Festival, Los Angeles Indonesia Film Festival, Viddsee Juree Etc.




Mitpasa(Zaza) was born in 1995. She just graduated the bachelor in mass communication at the National University of Laos. She is a journalist, Radio DJ, and freelance filmmaker. She loves writing and watching films and of course, making short films is her ultimate passion. She had started making the short film since 2013 when she was a student. She has trained her film making ability with film professor from Korea(Yong In University). She received film awards on many stages in Laos, and her short films are famous in Lao social media. She is one of a few Lao women who work in film industry. She wants to be a great film director and also wants to be a part of International Film Festival.

Benedict LAZAROO (Malaysia)

Benedict LAZAROO


Benedict is an aspiring filmmaker, known for the next new wave of filmmaking with works recognized on the famous Singaporean short film platform channel Viddsee. Finalist in the prestigious BMW Shorties 2015 for incredibly well-produced, one-take short film The Cycle of Violence (2016) with seven nominations, taking People’s Choice Award. His latest works as a producer were screened in the 7th Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia Malaysia 2016, held in Kuala Lumpur, with some screened in various film festivals in the Japan, United Kingdom, Turkey, and Italy. He believes that film is a painting with many artists.

Thatoe KYAW (Myanmar)

Thatoe KYAW


Thatoe was born in 1997. He majors English at the University of Dagon. When he was young, he was famous for one of the outstanding young artists at the high school. After high school, he started learning how to put lives into his characters. He attended directing major at 3H Art Academy, Script writing class at MMDC(Myanmar Media Development Center), in Yangon, Myanmar. After all, he has participated in many film projects as a crew and directed one short film. In 2017, his second short film was selected from Wathann Film Festival. Art is limitless, and he knows he has to learn more.

Jean Cheryl Dizon TAGYAMON (Philippines)

Jean Cheryl Dizon TAGYAMON


Cheryl(Che) is a 22-year old filmmaker from the Philippines. Her short film MUMU (2015) was awarded the Best Picture in the Metro Manila Film Festival in December 2015. Her most recent film, Lola Loleng (2016) has also won local awards in her home country and was also screened in competition at the 27th Singapore International Film Festival, the 2017 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, and exhibited at the 2017 Fajr International Film Festival in Tehran, Iran. Che is currently working as a freelance editor, director, and animator for various commissioned films and video projects. She is also currently writing a full-length script, a live action film with animation, which talks about the diaspora of the Filipino people in the eyes of the children left behind. She believes in the capability of cinema to be a tool for social change.

ONG Wei Ting (Singapore)

ONG Wei Ting


Wei Ting, born in 1993, lives and works in Singapore. Upon graduation from Junior College, Wei Ting clinched an internship opportunity at Boku Film as a storyboard artist, script supervisor, and assistant editor, for Singapore’s first Hollywood film, The Faith of Anna Waters (2016). Currently, she is working as an assistant post-producer at Freeflow Productions, Singapore’s largest independent advertising production company. Besides juggling her role as a post-producer, she takes keen interests in color grading and directing. She has also recently dabbled into animation directing where she leads an animation cloud creation platform, tapping into and leveraging a global knowledge base. She hand picks artists from different parts of the worlds and spearheads the team as an art director. Having access to world-class capabilities, she creates a dynamic range of enthralling animations. Wei Ting’s various exposures and experiences have shaped her to be a critical thinker. What interests this aspiring artist is fragmentary passages that reside within the mundane - moments most overlook, that an artist brings to light. She strives to work outside of the usual representational approaches that underpin classical narrative cinema and transcend artistic boundaries. Moreover, this can be seen in her work such as Breathe (2016), an experimental art film and Quotidian (2016), a commercial advertisement, that were done during her past time.

Ploypailin TANGPRABHAPORN (Thailand)



Ploypailin(Ploy) is an easy-going, kind, and energetic girl who positively sees the world. Ploy with her growth mindset never stops at the same point she was yesterday as she always seeks for something new and adventurous in her life. She took a trip across the world, with an extreme mindset. One day you might find her wandering in the forest, another day diving into the ocean. However, even with these dream of traveling the world, she manages her life and works well. Currently, Ploy is a student in junior year at Rangsit University, majoring in motion picture and video, while at the same time recklessly taking the part-time job as an actor. Over the years at Rangsit University, most of her time was spent on doing a filmography project, where she found herself passionate about.

LE Quynh Anh (Vietnam)

LE Quynh Anh


Anh was just an ardent art lover when she was inspired to become a filmmaker after attending a workshop by Jorgen Leth, the legendary Danish filmmaker. At first, making films eased her in the struggle with MDD(Major Depressive Disorder). Then it became her experiments with stories, images, sound, and music. She has made several experimental, documentary and fiction shorts and also taken part in a lot of feature film, documentary, TV series, commercial, music video projects in various positions. After her graduation from Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema, majoring in film directing, she has worked as full-time script developer in a feature film studio in Ho Chi Minh City. She is preparing for her directorial feature debut film, and she aims to make one true film that can heal people.

A’aqiil AHMAD (Brunei)

 A’aqiil AHMAD


A’aqiil has not been officially involved in the film but has produced, directed, shot and edited an overall of more than 50 skits, commercials and adverts for the past one year. All of them produced by a video production company that he co-founded, the Filterworks Productions. A’aqiil’s achievement came from his perspective. A minute short film that he filmed has won the first and the third places in a short video competition for Brunei’s Ministry of Culture Youth & Sports and also Alliance de Francaise Brunei. The latest project was a pilot series – The Bungsu Story, where A'aqiil was involved in as a producer and a writer. The Bungsu Story is a drama TV series that started off as a collaboration project but ended up with potential investments to produce a whole season of thirteen episodes for regional distribution.

KRY Sreylay (Cambodia)

KRY Sreylay


Sreylay is from Cambodia. She is an undergraduate student majoring in multimedia at the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology. She loves being a filmmaker since she was young. She entered in this field right after her high school graduation. She has spent two years studying media at the university and has been taking internships in the film industry, especially in the field of production. She works as many positions as possible in the film industry. She produced a commercial for KMF, a short film for the school project and a drama series movie for the TV channel. At first, she wanted to be a photographer, but after an internship in the film production, she was influenced to be a cinematographer. She loves making movies because they reflect people's life and social behaviors. Also, it is a challenging work that she would love to be involved. She hopes to be a filmmaker who can contribute to the film industry in her country.

Helena LORENTIA (Indonesia)



Helena is a filmmaker from Surabaya, Indonesia who was born in 1995. She majors in filmmaking at Dong-Seo University, Busan, South Korea. At the same time, she takes a double major in creative writing at Petra Christian University. She has a great interest in philosophical and psychological issues thus her writing is a bit darker compared to her friends'. She has been in more than 20 film sets, in diverse positions, but mainly focuses on directing and writing. She also has a great interest in music, so she always tries to compose the scores for her films. Her latest film is a short musical film, shot earlier this year. Since then, there weren't many opportunities for her to do the film, so she is recently working as a filmmaking tutor in Petra Christian University and a freelance editor and videographer for the wedding and fashion cinematography.

KIM Beori (Korea)

KIM Beori


Beori is the person that believes that the film is another form of humanities, has the power to connect people with different thoughts, lives so that it can affect them in various ways. This is the most important motivation for her in making films. She is majoring in filmmaking and has directed three films, but has participated in more than 40 films as an assistant director and as a producer. When she was an exchange student in Austin, Texas, she took a class related to Asian film and saw so many friends from all over the world who have interests in Asian film. Then she realized that just like Hollywood, Asian film itself has a strong power. She hopes to be the one that plays an important role in making Asian film widely known to people around the earth.

Phetsady SOMVANXAI (Lao PDR)



Phetsady was born in 1993. He lives in Vientiane capital, Laos. He is a freelance photographer & Videographer. The types of photography he does are the weddings, portraits and the types of the video he does are the music videos and short films. He finished study at Vientiane – Ho Chi Minh college, a major of information technology finance and banking. In the school, he did not learn about short film. He has taught himself, and then he found a team that has the same passion as him. 2 years ago, they created LEGOFILM production. There are two people in the team. They make short films for contest together and then they post on Facebook fan page & YouTube LEGOFILM PRODUCTION. He loves to make short films. He got a 2nd and 3rd prize, but he is still learning something new every day. He has a great passion for making short films, and he loves it.

Muhammad Ariff Syafzan (Malaysia)

Muhammad Ariff Syafzan


Ariff studied filmmaking at Universiti Technology Mara (UiTM), majored in editing. He has directed two short films Sam-udra (2016) and Projek Atas Talian (2015). Sam-udra tells a conflict that happened in his hometown. He believes that the film is a perfect medium to tell people that battles are going on your peaceful night. Ariff is a type of person who discusses almost everything in a movie includes; narrative, editing style, and cinematography as soon as he walks out from the cinema. He is a young, passionate man who believes that the film is more than just storytelling, but it is a form of art. It is a form that tells people story and reflects a real-life.

Mai May Sakarwah (Myanmar)

Mai May Sakarwah


Mai May was born in 1992. She studied filmmaking at Human Rights and Human Dignity Film Institute (HRHDFI). She studied script writing at Myanmar Media Development Centre(MMDC). She has made four documentary films and two short films. All of them were screened at Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival. She wants to create films with the stories which come from deep in her heart. Moreover, she is an Asho Chin tribe, very few people in Myanmar. Therefore, she also wants to make films which can reflect Asho Chin's culture and customs.

Carl Adrian CHAVEZ (Philippines)

Carl Adrian CHAVEZ


Carl graduated Honorable Mention in his BA degree in Digital Filmmaking from De La Salle-College of St. Benilde and as a full scholar of the college's Office of Culture and Arts. His past works include Not Applicable (2016) which was his undergraduate thesis film and won Second Best Short feature at CineFilipino 2015 and Yes Mami! (2016) which was part of the Southeast Asia Program in the first SEA Shorts Film Festival in Malaysia. Recently, his short film Sorry for the Inconvenience was in competition at 13th Cinemalaya Film Festival in Manila, Philippines. He is also a writer for game applications and works as an Assistant Director and Producer for films and commercials. Carl believes learning is a constant thing in life. When you allow yourself to stop learning, everything will fail

HO Say Peng (Singapore)

MHO Say Peng


Say Peng is a graduate of the Puttnam School of Film & Animation, LASALLE College of the Arts, where he majored in directing and minored in screenwriting. His second short film Ward 77 (2016), which explores the tension of unrequited homosexual love, won Best Screenplay and Best Direction at the National Youth Film Awards 2017. During his National Service, Say Peng started to watch films obsessively. It was the films of Jean-Luc Godard and Victor Erice, in particular, that inspired Say Peng to make films and to enroll into film school. After graduating from film school, Say Peng had a chance to be a crew in a film directed by Lav Diaz and was inspired by Lav’s commitment to a socially engaged cinema. Say Peng now believes in cinema as a method of social, cultural, and spiritual engagement and that filmmakers have a responsibility towards their own culture, society, and aesthetics.




Parida is an aspiring writer/director with Thai-American roots. She studied creative writing and visual arts at Columbia University and has a background in photography, poetry, graphic design, game writing, and occasional acting. In college, she interned for 11-time Academy award-winning company Participant Media, and for Emmy award-winning show Elementary (2012-). Previously, she was a resident artist at Sathorn 11 Art Space where her photographs were exhibited with other Thai artists in various group shows. Her short film The Truth The Dead Know (2017) was selected for Whiteline's 60 Second Film Festival, while Triumvirate (2017) partook in the global Visible Poetry Project. She hopes her films will alleviate the pain of those who are lonely, misunderstood, or suffering silently. She believes films are a necessary generator of self-awareness, hope, and empathy. Parida is thrilled for FLY and hopes to meet other filmmakers with whom she can collaborate with in November and beyond.

BUI Le Nhat Tien (Vietnam)

 BUI Le Nhat Tien


Nhat Tien was born in 1995 with an extreme passion for cinema and business since she was young. Therefore, she decided to be in the film production while being an undergraduate at a business administration university. During the first few days, she participated in several promo clips, viral advertising as a producer assistant. In 2014, she became an official producer assistant of a Vietnamese movie called Super X (2015) which had a high budget and co-produced by numbers of renowned producers in Vietnam. As the trend of Vietnamese filmmaking developed, in 2015, she worked as a production coordinator in the movie, Ve Duong Cho Yeu Chay (2015). In 2015, she was a production manager in a short film project named Rhino Man (2015) directed by Bao Nguyen as a production manager. Recently, she is working as a line-producer of an independent film called Rom, which achieved several awards within the country and was ranked at top 30 projects in Asian Project Market(APM) at Busan International Film Festival 2015. Also, Rom is sponsored by Motion Picture Association of America(MPA) to attend to American Film Market(AFM).

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