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Online Pre-Production: Workshop for Screenplay Development

  • 22 students divided into 2 Groups (A, B): 11 for each group
  • 8-Week Program with Weekly Assignments
    • 1) Week 1: Learning Logline and Sequence (Act) List☞ Complete logline and sequence list of a feature film (either chosen by a FLY trainee or designated by AFCNet secretariat)
    • 2) Week 2: Learning Beatsheet☞ Complete beatsheet on a feature film (identical one from the last week)
    • 3) Week 3: Shaping Your Own Storytelling☞ Write logline, sequence list, beatsheet of your own FLY2017 short film
    • 4) Week 4: Developing Characters☞ Complete character breakdown of your own FLY2017 short film
    • 5) Week 5: Exchanging Opinions with Peers☞ Analyze your partner's work from Week 3 & 4, and provide constructive feedback
    • 6) Week 6: Writing Director's Notebook☞ Complete director's notebook of your own FLY2017 short film
    • 7) Week 7: Visualizing Your Own Script☞ Complete storyboard, shotlist, and floorplan of your own FLY2017 short film
    • 8) Week 8: Finalizing Screenplay☞ Write 10-minute screenplay of your own FLY2017 short film, utilizing the previous assignments

ASEAN-ROK Film Leaders Incubator

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