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Online Pre-Production: Workshop for Screenplay Development

  • Group Work
    Selected 22 trainees submit their own stories or treatments or even scripts to Busan Film Commission and directing instructors select 2 stories. Trainees are divided into 2 groups and start developing selected stories to scripts for FLY 2023 short films. During the development of scripts, they learn basic filmmaking knowledges such as logline, sequence, beat sheet through weekly assignments. Directing instructors for each team provide feedback of their script to support.
  • 8-Week Program with Weekly Assignments
    • WEEK 0 『Writing Treatment or Script』 : Each of 22 Fellows Write Their Own Treatment or Script
        ☞ Never been produced or filmed
        ☞ BFC & Directing Instructors will choose 2 scripts among 22.
        ☞ If your theme relates to Human Rights or Sustainability of the Environment or Gender Issue, there will be relevant considerations for final selection.
        * Themes above are not compulsory
    • WEEK 1, 2 『Orientation』 : Discussion, Announcement of 2 Scripts, Q&A with Line Producer
        ☞ 22 fellows will be divided to 2 groups.
        ☞ 2 original script writers will be assigned to different team with their script.
    • WEEK 3 『Analyzing Script』 : Group Discussion for Script Development
        ☞ Each group will have Q&A with original script writers
    • WEEK 4 『Developing & Revising 1 (1st Draft)』 : Script Developing & Revising Write Logline, Sequence List, Beatsheet
        ☞ Please refer to the examples provided in the Week 3
    • WEEK 5 『Exchanging Opinions with the Other Group』 : Analyze Other Group's Script Draft, and Provide Constructive Feedback
    • WEEK 6 『Developing & Revising 2 (2nd Draft)』 : Script Developing & Revising - 2nd Draft Role Division (Producing, Directing, Cinematography, Production Design, Editing, Sound) Complete Director's Notebook of Your Script Revise Your Script Based on Pictures of Location Candidates (From Producing Managers)
        ☞ Please refer to the example of director's notebook provided in the Week 6 assignment sheet
    • WEEK 7 『Developing & Revising 3』 : Script Developing & Revising Director/Cinematographer partners decide their part in the Script Make Shot List Producers Start Script Breakdown
        ☞ Please refer to the example of shot list provided in the Week 7 assignment sheet
    • WEEK 8 『Finalizing Script (3rd Draft)』 : Finalizing 3rd Draft Based on Directing Instructors Feedback Script Polish Producers Finish 1st Script Breakdown

ASEAN-ROK Film Community Programme

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