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FLY Film Festival


FLY Film Festival

FLY Film Festival, Commemorating the 2017 ASEAN-ROK Cultural Exchange Year

The era of ASEAN has arrived, with many attentions, as an emerging market and it is not only limited to the economical way. While ASEAN has been receiving many attentions as a new film market, Korean film industry has also been making attempts to enter the local market and obtaining good results. Films of ASEAN have got their recognition in famous film festivals like Cannes, Venice, Berlin and raised their status. Many countries in ASEAN started to realize that film is an industry, not merely a culture and they are putting many political efforts to revitalize film industry as well as to cultivate new filmmakers since the importance of manpower come to the fore. It is the same effort that Busan Film Commission has been processing “ASEAN-ROK Film Leaders Incubator: FLY” for the last 5 years.

FLY film festival will be screening a total of 32 films, which are the result of the last past 5 years of discovering talented filmmakers in 10 ASEAN countries and Korea and the FLYers developed from it, from October 13 (Fri) to 15 (Sun) at Busan Community Media Center. 20 participants from 9 countries; Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Korea and for the official selections, we received the entry for 30 days in June from 113 FLY alumni which are gained recognition from both domestic and international film festival. FLY Film Festival is hosted by Busan Metropolitan City and Busan Film Commission, sponsored by Busan Asian Film School, supported by ASEAN-ROK Cooperation Fund. Furthermore, FLY film festival is one of the ‘ASEAN-ROK Cultural Exchange Year’ programs commemorating 50 years anniversary of the ASEAN founding, which will give the opportunity to expand cultural exchange and enhance understanding between ASEAN-ROK. It will be a meaningful chance to get more deeply involved between ASEAN-ROK.

FLY Film Festival will have Guest Visits, attended by either directors or producers from films screened and on the first day of the film festival, there will be a FLY Forum; an international co-production case study and a discussion about the way to vitalize it, a roundtable about ASEAN film industry and etc. Film as a medium, we would like you to learn each other’s future and history and to meet future of ASEAN films, including a next generation of Asian filmmakers and their works and their story on the way to develop domestic film industries.


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