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Welcome Address

This year marks the 8th edition of the ASEAN-ROK Film Leaders Incubator: FLY, organized by the Busan Film Commission (BFC) and Asian Film Commissions Network (AFCNet). Since the inaugural edition in Davao, Philippines in 2012, FLY has been successfully hosted in Thailand in 2013, Myanmar in 2014, Malaysia in 2015, Cambodia in 2016, Indonesia in 2017 and in Singapore in 2018. To date 156 talented young filmmakers from ASEAN and Korea have participated in FLY, developing their potential and talent while building an international network. Fourteen short films from 7 different cultures and 7 countries have been produced and presented to international audiences through various platforms like the 2017 FLY Film Festival and the 2019 Cambodia Film Festival.
This year, the ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit is being held in Busan, Korea from November 25 to 26th. The event will provide ASEAN and Korea with an excellent opportunity to take stock of the past 30 years of ASEAN-ROK relations and dialogue. “ASEAN-ROK Film Leaders Incubator: FLY2019” is specially organized to celebrate the 2019 ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit.
Moreover, this year marks the 20th anniversary of Busan Film Commission. BFC was founded as the first film commission in Korea in 1999, and has devoted itself to the development of the Korean film industry. In 2004, it launched AFCNet with 18 members from 6 countries, and AFCNet has become Asia’s largest non-profit international film-related organization with 51 members from 18 countries. Together with AFCNet, BFC has also contributed to the co-development of Asian Cinema.
FLY2019 is part of the two-year “ASEAN-ROK Film Community Programme 2018-2019” supported by the ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Fund. The Programme is multi-layered, through the addition of the FLY Filmmaking Workshop Presentation and FLY Film Lab to the existing FLY Project.
We are pleased to organize FLY2019 in Brunei Darusslam in cooperation with the Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam. It is certain that FLY2019 will be a cultural project to “enhance the cooperation between Brunei Darussalam and the Republic of Korea, strengthening mutual understanding and ties of friendship between the peoples of the two countries” as described in the Joint State made between the two countries in March, this year.
We would like to express our gratitude to many organizations for their support and encouragement of BFC and AFCNet in fostering cultural exchange and development of the film industry in ASEAN region and Korea. In particular, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to the ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Fund, the ASEAN secretariat and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea for their support.

SUNG Sangchul

Acting Director
Busan Film Commission

Greeting Message

It gives me great pleasure to greet our young trainees and guests of ASEAN-ROK Film Leaders Incubator: FLY2019, especially those who have travelled to Brunei Darussalam for the first time. A very warm welcome and “Selamat Datang” to Brunei Darussalam.
It is an honour and privilege for Brunei Darussalam to be selected as the co-host of the 8th edition of FLY for 2019 and I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Busan Film Commission (BFC), Busan Asian Film School (AFiS) and Asian Film Commissions Network (AFCNet) for this golden opportunity.
Since its inception, FLY has become an important platform for new talent in filmmaking to elevate their stories and develop them to full-fledged films. I commend BFC and AFCNet for initiating FLY that has successfully gathered aspiring young filmmakers from the 10 ASEAN member states and the Republic of Korea, and provided them with opportunities to learn the various aspects of filmmaking.
Filmmakers of today find new and creative ways of producing contents which can influence the audience, using the experience of past film masters, the latest technical solutions and their own capability. They create a film which speaks a universal language relatable to the masses. This helps to raise the standards of the cultural and social exchanges among the participating member countries to a whole new level.
For Brunei Darussalam, the creative industry has been identified as one of the country’s catalysts for growth. And I would like to acknowledge the emergence of the young and talented Bruneian content makers who are not afraid to produce their own signature short films. Although the films and content produced are still circulating domestically, it is already beginning to show momentous development with the release of two acclaimed films including Ada Apa Dengan Rina? franchised by Regalblue Productions and Yasmine by Origins Films as well as numerous interesting contents produced in the local scene.
With FLY2019, we hope that Brunei Darussalam will become a favourite choice for various film and content production activities including marketing, talent resourcing and collaboration. With the strong support from the Republic of Korea, Brunei Darussalam along with the ASEAN counterparts will have the tremendous potential to create and achieve a steady stream of remarkable film and content productions. I sincerely believe that FLY2019 will make a notable contribution to strengthen the cooperation between ASEAN and the Republic of Korea in the film and content space.
Finally, to all FLY2019 participants, I wish you fruitful encounters with interesting and talented people as well as exciting and memorable impressions from your journey in making films in Brunei Darussalam. All the very best of luck!
Terima kasih.

Pengiran Haji MD Zain

Chief Executive
Authority for info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI)

ASEAN-ROK Film Community Programme

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