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FLY Program


Making 2 Short Films

Each group produces films based on their own screenplay. They can experience the entire process of filmmaking with established Asian filmmakers' advice and support. The two completed short films are shown at the graduation ceremony.

Screening & Talk

At the Screening & Talk, the trainees will be able to have time for watching films made by contemporary filmmakers(including instructors) and having Q&A. Throughout these sessions, you could have a great opportunity to learn their field experience, know-how and philosophy.

FLY Alumni Homecoming Program - Round Table, Mentoring, FLY Alumni Night

FLY Alumni Homecoming Program is designed to retrain FLY alumni and support their further career building. The invited alumni participate in a round table session where they talk about their life after FLY and their own film work, and discuss about the achievements of FLY program and how to improve FLY project. They also have a group mentoring session regarding their career building as successful filmmakers and their own film projects with the FLY2018 instructors.

Workshop & Mentoring

The trainees get to learn not only filmmaking, but also directing, shooting, lighting, editing, etc. through an intensive lecture and a group training.

Special Session

In Special Session, invited well-known lecturers in media industry from Asia give Special Lecture (Master Class, Special Lecture, New Flash Talk etc) for Trainees of FLY project.

Official Events

The trainees meet each other for the first time and have self-introduction in Orientation. At Entrance Ceremony, participants and invitees celebrate the opening of FLY2018. In the later part of workshop, the trainees will go on Location Familiarization & Infrastructure Tour around Singapore. Meanwhile, at the graduation, certifications will be given, and scholarships will be awarded. Following that will be a graduation party.

ASEAN-ROK Film Leaders Incubator

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