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My Life with a King

My Life with a King
  • Philippines | 2015 | Drama | Color | 89min
  • Twenty-five years after the eruption of Mount Pinatubo devastated their province and nearly wiped their cultural heritage, young Kapampangans find themselves unable and unwilling to speak their own language. One boy, Jaypee, ventures into the ash-covered countryside where he encounters the guardian of their vanishing language, Conrado Guinto, the crowned king of the Kapampangan poets. Conrado considers Jaypee as a heaven-sent opportunity to pass on his legacy to the next generation, while Jaypee thinks he has hit the jackpot in finding the best person to help him win the affection of a girl in school. Both of them are in for a disappointment as their lives begin to unravel before each other’s eyes.
Carlo Enciso CATU Philippines | 2015 | Drama | Color | 89min
Director | FLY2016
Carlo Enciso CATU

ASEAN-ROK Film Community Programme

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