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The Warmest Colors


My Life with a King
  • Thailand | 2014 | Drama | Color | 10min
  • How can the ‘Old Generation’ communicate with the ‘New Generation’ by using social media?
Napat TANGSANGA Director, Producer, Writer, Editor | FLY2013


My Life with a King
  • Korea | 2016 | Drama | Color | 18min
  • A father suddenly quits his job and goes to the pier. All his family members follow him there.
MOON Jaewoong Director, Producer, Writer, Editor | FLY2012
MOON Jaewoong

A Letter from France

My Life with a King
  • Brunei | 2017 | Drama | Color | 3min
  • A terminally-ill man in France writes a letter to his friend in Brunei, reminiscing about the time they spent exploring the Abode of Peace.
Mohammad Hanifi HAJI JUFFRI (Nippy JUFFRI) Director, Producer, Writer, Editor,
Cinematographer | FLY2014
Mohammad Hanifi HAJI JUFFRI

My Father after Dinner

My Life with a King
  • Singapore | 2015 | Drama | Color | 16min
  • My Father after Dinner is a portrait of an ageing father, delicately captured through the eyes of his daughter. The film carefully observes an unspoken tenderness within the family. .
NG Phui Leng Gladys (Gladys NG) Director, Writer | FLY2012
NG Phui Leng Gladys

The Cat and the Orange Seeds

NGUYEN Le Hoang Viet
  • Vietnam | 2014 | Drama | Color | 20min
  • After an accident, the husband becomes paralyzed, yet the wife stays in the marriage to take care of him daily. They start a strange kind of conversation through a blend of dreams and reality, of present and past, of love and despair.
NGUYEN Le Hoang Viet Director, Writer, Editor | FLY2013
NG Phui Leng Gladys


  • Philippines | 2015 | Drama | Color | 14min
  • The film follows the journey of twin brothers, Andres and Gael, living in a fishing village ravaged by a strong typhoon, as they find healing against the harsh landscape of an island.
P. R. PATINDOL Director
Giancarlo Lauro Calipusan ABRAHAN V
(Giancarlo ABRAHAN)
Producer, Editor | FLY2013
Carlo Enciso CATU

ASEAN-ROK Film Community Programme

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