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The Road Not Taken

Present Perfect

My Life with a King
  • Thailand, Japan | 2017 | Drama, Romance | Color | 103min
  • From strangers to friends, romance sparks between the two. This is the start of a new relationship, an unlikely pairing.
Anusorn SOISA-NGIM Director
Carlo Enciso CATU
CHEN Rong Hua Executive Producer | FLY2014
CHEN Long Hua
Nuttachai JIRAANONT Executive Producer, Producer | FLY2014
PHAM Thanh Tan Production Design | FLY2014
PHAM Thanh Tan
Natdanai NAKSUWAN DOP for Thailand production | FLY2014
PHAM Thanh Tan

If the Sky Could Dream, It Would Dream of Children

My Life with a King
  • Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia | 2017 | Drama, Mystery, Omnibus | B/W & Color | 90min
  • An unidentified flying object hovers in the Earth’s atmosphere. Some see it as a meteor and some see it as doomsday. Some even see it as hope. This film tells tales from five different countries and how this single event affects their lives.
D MAI Thi Bup (MAI Bup) Director, Writer | FLY2014
MAI Thi Bup (MAI Bup)
End Kaung Sint THA (Kaung Sint) Director, Producer, Writer, Editor | FLY2014
Kaung Sint THA
Blind Dream Ali EUNOIA (Budiyanto) Director, Producer, Writer | FLY2014
Blind Dream
Searching the Skies Alexandra Maria De Leon POBLETE
Director, Writer | FLY2014
Searching the Skies
The Village that Offers Nothing Aidyl Abadi Bin ANWARDI (Buddy) Director, Writer | FLY2014
PAidyl Abadi ANWARDI

The Spark

Giancarlo Lauro Calipusan ABRAHAN V (Giancarlo ABRAHAN) Director
  • Philippines | 2014 | Drama | Color | 121min
  • Jimmy is a Philippine Studies professor and Issey is a creative writing professor. The other character, Gab, is a student at the university. Rumors spread about Jimmy, Issey and Gab putting their relationships under the spotlight.
Giancarlo Lauro Calipusan ABRAHAN V
(Giancarlo ABRAHAN)
Director | FLY2013
Carlo Enciso CATU

ASEAN-ROK Film Community Programme

We Are Certain, We FLY