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Director, Busan Film Commission
President, Asian Film Commissions Network (AFCNet)

This year marks the 7th edition of the ASEAN-ROK Film Leaders Incubator (FLY), organized by the Busan Film Commission and Asian Film Commissions Network.

To date 134 talented young filmmakers from Korea and ASEAN countries have participated in FLY, developing their potential and talent while building an international network. Twelve short films that are from 6 different cultures and 6 countries have been produced and presented to international audiences through various platforms including the FLY Film Festival.

This year’s event will be co-organized by the Singapore Film Commission in Singapore. 2018 is a very meaningful year for the Singapore Film Commission. Not only because of Singapore’s ASEAN chairmanship but also because this year marks the 20th anniversary of the Singapore Film Commission. FLY2018 is scheduled during the world-renowned Singapore International Film Festival to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Singapore Film Commission. It will be both a meaningful and symbolic event to show the achievements and potential of the ASEAN-ROK Cooperation Fund which has contributed towards interpersonal and cultural interaction between Korea and ASEAN countries.

The 7th edition of FLY is part of the two-year ASEAN-ROK Film Community Programme, a new project of the Busan Film Commission. In line with the ASEAN-ROK Cooperation Fund annual project, this year sees a conversion to multiple projects over 1-5 years. The Busan Film Commission has created an advanced program which has been expanded and is multi-layered through the addition of the FLY Filmmaking Workshop Presentation and FLY Film Lab to the existing FLY Project. The program for alumni has also been improved for the project. There will be an introduction of the ASEAN-ROK Cooperation Fund and sharing of our know-how in film education at the FLY Filmmaking Workshop presentation. The FLY Film Lab is a feature film development program designed for FLY alumni and young filmmakers who want to develop feature films and scripts. The Busan Film Commission will continue to explore sustainable and expandable development possibility for the FLY Project through the planning of a new 5-year project to start from 2020.

We would like to express our gratitude to many organizations for their support and encouragement for the efforts of the Busan Film Commission and Asian Film Commissions Network in fostering cultural exchange and development of the film industry in Korea and the ASEAN region. In particular, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to the ASEAN-ROK Cooperation Fund, ASEAN secretariat and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea for their support and approval of the ASEAN-ROK Film Community Programme.

Joachim NG

Joachim NG

Director, Singapore Film Commission

2018 is a significant year for the Singapore Film Commission (SFC), as we celebrate our 20th anniversary. Since our formation in 1998, the SFC has been supporting and promoting Singapore’s filmmaking talent and film industry.

Through our efforts, Singapore has enjoyed growing success in the international film scene and our filmmaking talents are increasingly collaborating with regional and international partners. A Land Imagined - a Singapore-France-Netherlands co-production - by Singapore director Yeo Siew Hua won the top prestigious Golden Leopard prize at Locarno Film Festival 2018 – a first ever win for a Singaporean filmmaker. Singaporean producer Ling Tiong and Director of Photography Lim Teck Siang worked with Philippine director Carlo Francisco Manatad on the short film Jodilerks Dela Cruz, Employee of the Month which premiered at the 56th Critics Week at Cannes Film Festival.

In similar spirit of collaboration, we hope that the friendships forged between the participants at FLY will lead to possible partnerships in future. I thank the ASEAN ROK-Cooperation Fund, Busan Metropolitan City and Busan Film Commission for their support in making FLY2018 possible, and wish all participants a fruitful experience.

ASEAN-ROK Film Leaders Incubator

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